Ever find yourself scrolling through an endless stream of stimulus to the point of ennui?  Shout into the digital echo chamber just to experience the reverberations of your own opinions mimicked back?  Question the phantom-limb attachment you have with your personal devices and wonder where this psychic tether takes root?

In their most ambitious project to date, Toxic Waste Face sets out to explore these inquiries and more in a multi-media performance installation that ponders what it means to be human - to be corporeal - in the digital age.  Set against the dizzying backdrop of a vast media vortex in which the incoherent ramblings of political debates, internet challenge videos and pop culture run-off bleed into one another, the artists literally and figuratively embody the crippling infantilization that technology can often wield over the human psyche.  And with an eerily pacifying A.I. algorithm, affectionately known as “MOM,” at the helm of the whole experience, notions of control, agency, and authorship becoming alarmingly relevant.

The Feed premiered in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach; December, 2018.

Toxic Waste Face. San Francisco, Calif.